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Prospect Heights Trailhead

Views from atop Wolverine Peak

Prospect Heights is the little brother trailhead to the immensely popular Glen Alps trailhead; the two are about three miles apart, connected by the Powerline Pass trail and, in a more roundabout way, the Middle Fork Loop trail as well.

Prospect Heights is the best access point for a couple of great mountain hikes: Petite and always muddy Near Point, and the sustained hike up Wolverine Peak. It’s also home to a few great winter trails, including the South Fork Rim trail — a short jaunt that gives surprisingly nice views over Campbell Creek Gorge.

  • GPS Coordinates: N 61º08.339′ W 149º42.631′
  • Fee: $5 or Chugach State Park parking pass
  • Trails: Wolverine Peak, Near Point, Powerline Pass, Middle Fork Loop, South Fork Rim, Golden Grass Trail
  • Driving Directions: Take O’Malley Road east until it bends to the left, becoming Hillside. Take a quick RIGHT onto Upper O’Malley, LEFT on Prospect. Stay LEFT at the intersection with Sidorof Lane. Trailhead will be on your RIGHT.

Pictured: Views of Long Lake and one of the Williwaw Lakes from atop Wolverine Peak.